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Marine Store & Provisions Supplies /Spare Parts

SinoGlafcoS is providing: Marine Stores and Provisions Supplies, Spare Parts, initial supplies for Newbuildings, as well as for General Shipping Services for all types of Vessels.
We are strictly following the requirements of quality and environmental management systems, in order to guarantee reliable products of high quality.
According to ISSA and IMPA, we are complying with international regulations and conventions in marine purchase and marine service fields, and we keep up with the latest trend in this fast-changing world to share and prosper with our customers and employees together.


SinoGlafcoS is serving the merchant marine along the Chinese Coastline, as the main service company of Glafcos Group of Companies.

We provide store supplies, any time, anywhere, to satisfy your demands, with our reliable quality and competitive prices for Deck, Engine, Cabins, such as:
Safety, Charts & Publications, IMO Symbols & Flags, Varius Fittings, Anchor, Chains, Anodes, Ropes, Fairleader, Various Couplings, Small Hatch Covers, Watertight Doors, Rubbers - Fairleaders Packings, Pilot Ladders, Wire, Mooring Ropes, Various Hydrant, Bearings, Sealing Products, Hydraulic Hoses, Valves, Air Vent Head, Expansion Joints, Anodes, Pneumatic Tools, Mechanical Seals, etc.


By choosing SinoGlafcoS, you will save your money from the shipyard and of course you will reduce your repair budget. The daily services of our onboard personel, will secure and meet your urgent demands. Our excellent relationships with shipyards, enable us to secure a smooth and cost - effective operation according to your needs.


We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions to merchant vessels and professional marine catering businesses.
Reliability, freshness and food safety are key priorities and we distribute both locally-sourced and imported goods, from our own warehouses or through carefully selected partners. Our provision supply range, can cover all your catering requirements.

Spare parts

ICCP & MGPS Supply.

We are an authorized spares distributor, for the main global makers on ICCP / MGPS systems and we guarantee offering genuine spare parts, with competitive prices, such as:

Our company can provide a variety of domestic and foreign brands of air compressors, boilers, water pumps,

air conditioning OEM parts and original factory parts.


  • Turbocharger spares.

  • Air compressor spares.

  • Pumps spares.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant spares.

  • Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler spares.

  • Calorifier, Hydrophore Tank, Air Réservoir.

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