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Boiler  Services

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SinoGlafcoS is your one-stop-shop for boiler inspection, planned outage maintenance, emergency service and on-site equipment assessments.
Boiler reconditioning services manage, the entire reconditioning process externally and internally including tube replacements,
new casing, insulation, new refractory, level control replacements, new wiring, new gaskets, updated control systems and design modifications, as well as burner retrofits and recoating.
Our on-call boiler repair teams, are available 24 hours a day and can be on-site within hours of your order.

Annual / Intermediate / Special Survey Boiler inspection:

  • Removal of all Safety Relief Valves, Maintenance or Replacement.

  • Calibration Services & Performance testing on the Boiler Safety Interlocks, Controls, etc.

  • Inspection of related equipment including Deaerators, Feedwater Systems, etc.

  • Boiler Automatic Combustion Controls.

  • Boiler Feedwater Level Controls.

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