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TENDER Services

Technical & ENgineering DEpartment Remote Support

TENDER is a service for vessel attendance in Chinese ports. The range of services consisting but not limited to:

• Tender Services for Hull & Machinery Condition surveys, for owners’ evaluation.
• Tender Services for Pre-PSCI, as well as during PSC Inspection.
• Tender Services is also valuable for RightShip Dry Inspections 
or for the in advance preparation.
• Tender Services during Condition Assessment Program Surveys (CAP).

SinoGlafcos’ qualified, experienced and competent surveyors accompanies RightShip & PSC inspectors to complete smoothly all the areas of inspections, covered by RISQ 3 and PSC checklists, in order to minimize/eliminate the potential deficiencies, as well as

to downgrade the imposed nonconformities.

TENDER services are carried out by experienced marine surveyors, hull & machinery engineers, for the Condition survey, twice per year, at any port in China, with the flexibility to revisit the ship at the customer’s discretion, for the attendance at any subsequent port of call continuation of survey. The staff is based at the offices of SinoGlafcoS at Nantong and can attend on board within a 24-hour notice.

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