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Boiler & Incinerator/ Refractory Services

Choosing SinoGlafcoS for your boiler or incinerator refractory repair, ensures that your system will be back in operation ASAP.

Our specialized refractory crews, quickly assess any kind of issues such as physical wear, abrasion, extreme temperatures and rapid expansion, which is affecting boiler or incinerator refractory protection and provide solutions to get your boiler or incinerator system back into full working order.

  • Repair of Refractory Damage due to Pressure Vessel Leaks.

  • Repair Damaged Seal Joints & Broken Refractory Tiles.

  • Replacement of Plastic, Castings, Tile & Special Forms.

  • On-site Refractory Rear Door Inspection, Repair & Replacement.

  • Sale & Installation of Remanufactured & Rebuilt Cleaver Brooks Doors.

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