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Electrical / Electronic /Automation Pneumatic Services

Maker: Anyone. Repairer: SinoGlafcos.

No matter who manufactured your Electricals, Electronics, Automations and Pneumatics Equipment.



Our company’s workshop covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, including an electromechanical workshop, repairing and testing shop, equipped with measuring, processing, electrical testing gauges and other equipment, as well as special and common tools, with special materials and spare parts storage area, providing solid logistic support for the company’s services.

Also Calibration & Certification services such us:

  • Portable Personal Gas Detectors.

  • 15ppm Bilge Alarms.

  • Pressure Gauges (Up to 1100 bar) & Transmitters.

  • Temperature and Pressure Calibrators.

  • Testing & Certification of Fire Alarm Systems.

  • Main Engine Remote Control Systems.

  • Main & Auxiliary Engine Protection Systems.

  • Auxiliary Engine Remote Start/Stop Systems.

  • Automation Synchronizing of Generators.

  • ECR Auto-Alarm & Indication Systems.

  • Electrical Motor Starter Panels.

  • Auto Pilot, Telegraph Systems.

  • Fire-Gas Detection Alarm Systems.

  • Electronic & Electrical Controls.

  • Pneumatic Controls Systems.

  • Water Ingress & Dewatering Systems.

  • Alarm, Level Monitoring & Control Systems.

  • Anti-Heeling Systems.

  • Ballast Water Management Systems.

  • Cargo Pumps Control & Monitoring Systems.

  • Pressure, Temperature, Fuel oil Viscosity, Controls.

  • CCTV & Camera Systems.

  • Draft Measurement Systems.

  • Electrical Switchboard & Distribution Board.

  • Emergency Shut-Down Systems.

  • Fuel Monitoring & Management Systems.

  • Machinery Control & Monitoring Systems.

  • Oily Water Separators.

  • Propulsion Control & Monitoring Systems.

  • Pump & Valve Control Systems.

  • Scrubber Systems.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants.

  • Sprinkler Systems.

  • Tank Level Gauging Systems.

  • Water Mist Systems.

  • Transmitter, Controller, & Control Valves.

  • I.C.C.P. Systems.

  • Inert Gas Systems.

  • Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems.

  • 15ppm Bilge Alarm Systems.

  • Engine Oil Mist Detector.

  • Boiler & Inert Gas Control Systems.

  • Steering Gear Control Systems.

  • Overhauling of all Type of Electrical Motors.

  • Modification & Installation of DB Panels.

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